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The account opening is easy, the platform is seamless and easy to use with numerous instruments available, also eToro is number one for copy trading for the number of traders and available portfolios. I’ve had a great experience in using it myself, and I can recommend eToro to anyone who would like to trade the markets, become a popular investor or copy some of these popular investors. This makes the whole trading experience easier, as well as educative. The interaction with the popular investors is really important because it promotes transparency and helps investors to evaluate the different popular investors before copying them.

EToro’s Trading platform also allows ‘copying’ thematic portfolios in the « CopyPortfolios » section. Among some of the thematic portfolios available, some invest in Cryptocurrencies, Medicinal Cannabis, Travel Industry, BioTech, Internet, Drones, among many others. EToro is an online broker offering one of the top trading platforms available in Slovakia. EToro use a buy to buy to sell billing system which makes it virtually impossible to earn any money from the markets. I will explain,Most Forex Brokers use spreads, this is simple to explain, you enter the market at buy 1.60 the broker enters at buy 1.55 the difference is the spread. However, EToro bill again when you exit the market so if you have a spread of 5 and you exit at 1.65 a profit of 5 you will be billed an additional 5 at the end of the trade.

A “Trading” tab lets you view prices and buy, sell, or convert crypto, ETFs, or stocks. There is a limited menu of assets that you can trade, as eToro offers 24 cryptocurrencies, 2,096 stocks, and 263 ETFs as of Jan. 27, 2023. Please note that by investing in and/or trading financial instruments, commodities and any other assets, you are taking a high degree of risk and you can lose all your deposited money. You should engage in any such activity only if you are fully aware of the relevant risks.

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Best Forex Account Managers 2023: Top 7 Picks & Reviews.

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EToro is also a great option for highly experienced, successful retail traders who would be interested in sharing their ideas in lieu of rewards. Traders can see other trader’s portfolio, performance history, and risk score, allowing you to make a fully informed decision. Built under the premise and understanding that not everyone has the time or expertise to trade actively, CopyTrader enables clients to simply copy other successful trader strategies and portfolios.

Typical Spreads and Fees

Many https://traderoom.info/ and their retail investor accounts lose money when trading in crypto. The company also does not offer any insurance regarding the same. Also, in case of any complaints, due to the lack of regulations, there are no provisions to file it. Nevertheless, the company pushed itself to answer all the issues faced by the users as much as it can. All investments involve risks including possible loss of principal. Forex, binary options and cryptocurrencies are highly speculative assets.

If you want to make money you have to make smart trading decisions and keep your average losses smaller, compared to average profits. What sets them apart from the competition is the copy trading capabilities, which can be better for in-experienced traders. Traders start virtual trading with virtual funds to get to know the platform.

  • EToro has a straightforward, simple design that makes it easy for traders to find what they’re looking for.
  • We do not present any investment advice or guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of the information.
  • The company currently only offers access to about 200 ETFs.
  • You can change the default settings to decide how much to risk per trade and when to stop out.
  • EToro has to be the worsed company there is. they basically stole 100 dollars i have and will not deposit and close the account.

EToro was established in 2007 and is licensed in many top-tier jurisdictions. As a regulated financial services company, they are audited and monitored regularly. It is trusted by over 15 million users in over 170 countries.

Tradable Instruments

The worse thing is when you etoro forex broker, you buy at 1.60 EToro buys at 1.55 the trade goes in the wrong direct and you cut your loss at 1.40 EToro close at 1.40 then they bill you a spread. So a $20 dollar loss for you becomes a $25 dollar loss on a $100 invested. The eToro platform offers a lot of research tools that users can use to learn more about investing in the stock market, so it’s essential to use these tools to understand investing and trading further. Investment in crypto-assets is unregulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost. It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment, which are explained in detail here.

Other brokers offer five or more different base currencies for their. They gained their reputation as a safe and attractive broker for both experienced and beginner day traders. Top that with eToro platform low trading fees and user-friendly interface, and you have a decent addition to your trading strategies. A great eToro alternative is Interactive Brokers or Plus500. For Forex trading platforms, read our reviews of Pepperstone and AvaTrade.

Should you buy your silver bullets on eToro?

Yes, eToro supports sending or receiving crytpo to and from other wallets, provided they are supported by the eToro Wallet and in line with the applicable Terms and Conditions. After some days, I received another email saying that ETORO were no longer able to offer me any service, that all my position would be closed automatically after 72hour. I received on the 27 November an email ETORO where my etoro wallet was blocked, I was asked my relation with a specificif bitcoin address. EToro holds FCA, ASIC, CySEC regulatory licenses, and also registered with FINRA, SEC, and SIPC as a money service business (not a full broker-dealer). Accordingly, they are not necessarily comprehensive, and their accuracy cannot be assured.

  • EToro representatives claimed that the positions had reached a « default » and « mandatory » stop loss of $0.01 per share.
  • The cost of trading using someone else’s ideas is the same as if you were booking your own trades into the platform.
  • EToro takes up to 24 hours to process withdrawal requests, but the time taken for the funds to reach player accounts varies from one payment method to the other.

However, there are some country-specific rules as discussed above. For example, as a US resident, you can only go long on the real coin; trading CFDs and therefore going short on cryptocurrencies is not allowed. Not only does eToro offer 72 different coins to trade, but you also have the option to trade 14 crypto crosses (like ETH/BTC) and 63 non-USD currency crosses (like LTC/AUD). The number of available options markets is low, however, their competitors, like Trading212 and XTB are not offering options at all. The proportion of CFDs in the specific Smart Portfolio is clearly indicated. You can check performance and asset distribution, and read the investment strategy.

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They operate as a market maker brokers utilizing a NDD – STP hybrid model. They make money from traders losing trades and are audited to ensure market fairness. The second way they make money, is through CFD fees and commissions. They also make some money from non-trading fees, like withdrawal fees and inactivity fees. Based on our Expert findings, eToro offers a single account, with a simple account opening and access to a Demo account. This offer is available for traders who maintain balances from a min $5k.

To buy real stocks and ETFs, investors simply need to buy without leverage. Simply put, you’ll be impressed with the range of stocks and shares on eToro. A whole section of the site is dedicated to offering top tips on keeping your online trading experience as safe as possible – the Avoid Scam Guide.

One of the most helpful features of the platform is a free demo account, which is included for all eToro members so they can practice trading before entering the market. EToro provides a streamlined onboarding process with a self-guided questionnaire that asks for some personal information to help set up your account. The platform supports a wide variety of financial institutions that you can link up to eToro to make deposits into your account. Getting up and running doesn’t take long and you can begin trading quickly.

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Not only do these traders generate impressive gains, an added bonus is their help to others by sharing their strategies and thoughts on their Etoro social feed. High leverage and spreads allowed me to make a big profit in a short period of time. I found that the offered spread was competitive in most cases, which meant that I had no problems making money with this broker.

The YouTube channel features analysis videos, webinars, and other tutorials. The educational material offered includes weekly webinars, video platform tutorials and frequently asked questions. These include basic platform tutorials, beginners guides and some advanced tutorials. Active and high-volume trades will need to look elsewhere, as the small maximum trade sizes will not suffice most. They have a web-based and a mobile platform, however no desktop platform is available. EToro respects your privacy and the user has complete control over the account settings.

You can find a details section next to instruments on their platform. The details really provide more than just the basics and list into extra information. For example, you can find information about the instrument itself and what to consider before investing. EToro has technical analysis tools along with some recommendations by analysts, but lacks on the fundamental data. Charting tools are good, with more than 70 technical indicators and charts.


Also, all are provided with good research and excellent tools. Upon confirmation, you will receive a notification about the withdrawal request along with updated statuses in your email. The broker will process the withdrawal transaction request within a few business days. In addition, you should allow your payment provider to process funds into your account, which also takes a few days and depends on international laws or requirements. We found that eToro withdrawal requests are subject to a $5 fee, while does not charge a deposit fee.


Pure Forex traders will find the trading environment at Forex.com superior, especially active traders who prefer the commission-based DMA account. Forex.com provides more sophisticated trading platforms, a trader-friendly cost structure, and fully supports automated trading solutions with superior technology and VPS hosting. New traders have quality education and valuable research, which adds overall value to the competitive trading environment. Social trading is at the core of eToro, which fails to supports advanced automated trading solutions, relying solely on copy trading. CopyTrader and CopyPortfolios remain popular among millennials, and eToro has more than 13,000,000 traders, making it home to one of the largest networks.