On Street of the Storm [ ]

If animals basic discover the exposure away from an effective fearsome creature during the White Deer Playground, Fox informs their family members to work out caution rather than to test and you may antagonize they. not, following the Monster eliminates Husky, Fox’s grandson, Fox decides you to definitely step need to be removed and tells his family unit members to watch out for clues of Beast’s whereabouts, and pass on the message to the other countries in the park’s society. Just after receiving a guideline out-of Adder about a gap that Monster are living in, Fox prospects a large group out-of animals here to try and put they. Just after Toad had inserted the hole to get the Beast, Fox searches for various other get-off however, ends the brand new research when he hears others creatures weeping out. Fox notices new Beast showing complete contempt to the most other pet. Next, Fox ends believing that the brand new dogs does things concerning Beast and you will begins to accept that brand new Warden is the just promise.

not, once Tawny Owl discovers one of many Beast’s concealing towns and you can is actually told by the new Pet he actually leaves if the various other creature places your, Fox gets optimistic again and advances the expression in the playground to keep a peek away to your Monster again. Fox up coming obtains other idea out-of Adder that Monster could possibly get feel life underground, however, nobody he requires enjoys people notion of anywhere it might become. In the end, the brand new Monster is named away because of the a female cat and you may Fox is treated that possibility is over and you can appears toward many years away from serenity in the future.

The guy instructs others stags to operate a vehicle this new forest from Trey with their antlers in which he and you can Vixen seek the newest Warden ahead which help your

After the death of the favorable Stag, Fox encounters Trey which is appalled by the his arrogant emotions toward other dogs on playground. Fox tells his family unit members that they is continue steadily to alive while the they would like to and never become compatible partners beoordeling unnerved because of the issues presented from the Trey, however, to be cautious. When Trey informs the other animals your pond is for the utilization of the fresh White Deer simply, Fox find that they have to convince other stags so you can challenge your, but Trey however will get frontrunner of your herd and you can will continue to threaten additional pet.

Sooner, Fox establishes that they need to withstand him and therefore he requires the team of Farthing Wood pets right down to this new pond for with her. Trey with his herd were there when they arrive, however, Fox teaches brand new pets to face one of the hinds to help you drink and you can Trey struggles to assault her or him. If violent storm starts, Fox accumulates all the pets from inside the a great disused set to security of it. Later, Fox hears one Trey might have been crushed of the a forest inside the latest hurricane and you will goes toward see if they can help.

Battle to your Playground [ ]

When the Farthing Wood pet discover that brand new brownish mice possess begun to enter the playground, Fox says to their relatives in order to eliminate him or her whenever they have emerged and you will directs a contact over to all of those other park’s owners to-do an equivalent. When Weasel and you will Plucky wade destroyed about playground and you can Dashboard tells Fox regarding the the put aside, Fox guides a save cluster to save them, nonetheless they will get no way of going him or her out. Fox after asks Whistler so you can airlift Weasel outside of the the fresh reserve, however, he can think of not a chance to cut Plucky up until the students fox sooner or later escapes by himself.